Why it’s so necessary

The Reagan’s Journey Lending Closet is designed to make sure our kids have access to the right equipment to reach their full potential. Often times, insurance will only cover one piece of equipment every five years. That is a hardship to families when children experience growth spurts and developmental changes. We’ve been able to partner with many local agencies, therapists, and hospital social workers to keep our closet full of equipment and supplies.

Our Lending Closet Addresses are

1)  106 S. Jefferson St. Kittanning, PA 16201

2)  501 Jefferson Rd. Pittsburgh, pa 15235 

How do I obtain an item?


Need equipment and medical supplies for your child or know a family that does? At the Lending Closet, we take donated equipment that families are finished using or no longer meets their child’s needs and loan it out to families whose insurance will not cover their needs.

Every weekend, we schedule a pick-up day at each location for families to come try out an item and take it home.  Join our Facebook page and take a look around at the equipment we have by clicking on “photos” then “albums.”  Items are listed by category. 

Know a family, therapist, or social worker that might be interested in the Lending Closet? 

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How do I donate an item?

If you have an item to donate, contact Kim at kim@reagansjourney.org or simply watch for upcoming dropoff days listed on our Facebook Group.

Happy Lending Closet Recipients